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Committed: Tue Jul 31 14:49:47 2001 UTC (22 years, 11 months ago) by tdb
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Added a README, and fixed up a few minor things.

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# Content
1 This script performs most of the functions of the UKC mailinfo tool. It
2 was written to allow users on non Solaris/SPARC platforms (or Windows
3 actually) to do a mailinfo query directly from their machine. The script
4 is also written in such a way that most basic perl programmers could take
5 the routine for inclusion in their own code.
7 This program does not support the -C function to change a mailstore.
9 Please also note that this program is not endorsed in any way by UKC.
10 Also, I make no guarantees as to what may happen as a result of using this
11 program, so don't blame me if it crashes the mail system!
13 A similar program written in C, and a server, can be found here:
16 Tim Bishop.