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Minutes from meeting on 05/10/2000.

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# Content
1 Minutes of Meeting, 5/10/2000 @ 14:30
2 Location: UKC Computing Lab Meeting Room
4 Present ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
5 Absent: none
7 The initial stages of the meeting were focused around
8 looking at some of the requirements, as set out in the
9 previous meetings minutes, and try to build a rough sketch
10 of how the system will be put together. This was really an
11 open debate, with each member walking up to the white board
12 and sketching their ideas which where then discussed.
14 After many revisions a rough sketch of how the system will
15 interact with its various components was devised (though it
16 will be revised at a later date).
18 A copy of this diagram can be found here:
20 /documentation/minutes/system-20001005.jpg
22 The above diagram took the bulk of the meeting. Laterly it
23 was decided that we should think of a name. After much
24 debate "The i-Scream Project" was decided on, for reasons
25 that are beyond the scope of this document, but can be found
26 on the website.
28 The following requirements are still outstanding:
30 - Decide on a design model
31 - Decide on names for the various components
32 - Consult with customers (jc, pssc)
33 - Look at existing systems
34 - Setup webspace and investigate purchasing of domain?
35 - Setup CVS for file versioning and investigate usage on
36 website
37 - Setup shared space
38 - Look at technologies that are available to us
39 - Learn how to use these technologies in the context of this
40 project