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1 Minutes of Meeting, 30/10/2000 @ 10:20
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, tdb1
5 Absent: pjm2
7 Absentee(s): Unable to attend due to adverse weather conditions.
9 The intention of the meeting was to complete the Time Plan
10 Allocation, which is a required deliverable. Although almost
11 finished tasks had not been allocated to group members.
13 Tim noted that a soft reboot of Compsoc1 may be required to
14 enable the meeting to proceed as planned. Compsoc1 quietens
15 down.
17 A discussion about the sizes of compiled C++ programs on
18 Solaris concluded that the actual size of the binary
19 executable is down to the setup of the compiler on the
20 target machine. It is decided that we should not worry
21 about this hurdle until further into the projects
22 development.
24 The technologies which the project would utilise were
25 discussed and the following points raised.
27 - During the first few phases of the development our own
28 protocol should be used for communication between Hosts
29 and server, and server and clients. If a defined
30 technology, such as SNMP, is decided upon then this can
31 easily be substituted in due to the modular design of the
32 applications.
34 - The protocol should be based on XML or a system not too
35 dis-similar. The reason for this is it all text based and
36 thus easier to process.
38 - The use of UDP and TCP/IP as communication layers between
39 hosts and filer/collectors. To be discussed further with
40 possible input from JC and PSSC.
42 The use of heart beats was also discussed. It was decided
43 that further thought would have to be given to the
44 implication of these before they would be finalised.
46 Meeting concluded @ 12:00pm
48 Meeting re-conviened @ 3:00pm
50 Discussion on the implemention of the plugin technology
51 concluded that data should flow through plugins in a
52 sequential manner and should remain as plain text at all
53 times. It was also discussed that plugins should have a
54 'order' coded into them, to allow the data to flow in a
55 suitable manner for the plugins.
57 Meeting concluded @ 4:30pm