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# Content
1 Minutes of Meeting, 06/11/2000 @ 10:00
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: pjm2, tdb1
5 One hour Late: ajm4
6 Absent: ab11
8 Absentee(s): Unable to attend due to illnes and bad meeting
9 planning by the group as a whole.
11 The way in which CORBA will be sending information around
12 the server system was discussed.
14 The filters will parse incoming XML sent via UDP and create
15 an XMLPacket object. These objects are used to convey each
16 host's information around the CORBA system. The object will
17 provide accessors to an array of parameter name/value pairs.
19 Strategies for configuration distribution were discussed.
20 The Logger class from last year's project is expected to
21 make a reappearance in this current project. The main
22 core of the server will have work put into it this week.
24 For the timebeing, we shall only be sending XML data that
25 *does not* contain nested values.
28 Things that must be done before next Monday: -
29 (oh yes, we're starting to implement bits...)
31 ab11: -
32 In this person's absence, it was decided that they may write
33 the test host application (in Java). This program shall
34 connect to a specified server and send arbitrary non-nested
35 XML data via UDP.
36 (As per the 1st XML example at minutes/minutes-20001101.txt)
38 ajm4 and tdb1: -
39 Define a method of configuration distribution and produce
40 the configurator. Adapt last year's Logger class as
41 appropriate. Both the configurator and the logger should be
42 registering themselves with the CORBA name service. It may
43 also be ncessary to write the CORE module of the server on
44 which the rest resides. IDL definitions required.
46 pjm2: -
47 Create the server's Filter class. This will accept incoming
48 UDP connections and parse the XML data received. Create a
49 separate XMLPacketMaker class to be used by Filter - this
50 will be used to create the XMLPacket object for each
51 incoming connection, providing a way of passing information
52 about the CORBA system. Complete as much of this as
53 possible before next Monday.
56 Meeting was concluded @ 13:00. Next meeting arranged for
57 Wednesday 8th November 14:00-17:00, directly after our
58 meeting with iau at 13:30 that day.