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Minutes from the meeting on 22/11/2000.

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1 Minutes of meeting 22/11/00 @ 3pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
5 Absent: None
7 The meeting was short due to a prior engagement at 4pm.
9 The group reviewed the current progress of the server and
10 produced a detailed diagram of the current state of the
11 system. This allowed the group to clearly identify the parts
12 that needed to be finished off, and familiarise everyone
13 with how things are fitting together.
15 AJ & Tim agreed to finish of parts of the Filter Manager,
16 and the Filter. This should all be completed for Monday.
18 Paul is to start some preparation work for the database part
19 of the system. He will look at how things fit together with
20 regard to Java, mySQL and PHP.
22 For information, here the details of our mySQL database
23 currently on raptor.
25 Database server:
26 Database name: co600_10_db
28 Username: co600_10
29 Password: if I'd put it on the website ?
31 To get started with the database the following command would
32 probably be quite useful;
34 mysql --database=co600_10_db -u co600_10 -p
36 A password will be prompted for.
38 Paul suggested that some time needs to be put into coming up
39 with a design for the database. This should be discussed
40 further at the next meeting.
42 Finally Ash said he should be able to have the Java host
43 ready for Monday.
45 The group agreed that Monday would be a good point in the
46 development process to have a code review session. This is
47 so that all group members are aware of the processes
48 involved in the whole system, and how it fits together. It
49 will also bring out issues such as coding standards and
50 design issues that should be consistent across all code.
52 The next meeting will be on Monday afternoon at 2pm. The
53 group concluded that the morning meeting was pointless due
54 to constant difficulties with people getting there, and
55 other commitments in the later parts of the morning.