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Committed: Mon Nov 27 22:59:43 2000 UTC (23 years, 6 months ago) by tdb
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Minutes from the meeting on 27/11/2000.

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1 Minutes of meeting 27/11/00 @ 2pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
5 Absent: None
7 AJ reported back that the configuration system is finished,
8 and has been fully documented in a seperate document. Paul
9 informed the group about the database bits he did, and the
10 changes to the filter setup. Ash said the Java host should
11 be checked into CVS later on. Tim told the group that the
12 TCP parts of the Filter were complete, and the whole system
13 was in a working as it stood.
15 An issue was raised about the use of /experimental and
16 /source in the CVS repository. There was some confusion
17 between the group members over what should be put in each
18 section.
20 It was agreed that code which would be part of the product
21 would be put into /source, whilst /experimental would be
22 used for seperate bits of code - generally those testing an
23 idea before it gets merged into the overall system.
25 Next the group reviewed the current state of the code.
26 Everyone seemed happy with how things stood, and everyone
27 got a good understanding of how the whole system went
28 together.
30 It was decided that Tim should try and put together some
31 coding standards based on ones used previously. These should
32 be adapted to suit the current situation, and then be
33 presented to the group. Once agreed, all code will be
34 checked to ensure adherance to the standards.
36 The database was another issue raised. It would soon be
37 necessary to ensure all data is logged into the database,
38 and this requires some database design and planning. Paul
39 agreed to put together a design for the database for review
40 by the group. He also plans to look into, and implement, the
41 java side of the database connectivity, and the PHP user
42 interface.
44 Before the next meeting Ash will have checked in the Java
45 host, and it should at least be able to send data to the
46 server. Paul will have a database design, and maybe some
47 documentation for the XML data. AJ will generate some more
48 documentation, and a nicer version of the GUI-based logger.
49 Tim will patch up a few of the missing bits around the
50 server, and produce some coding standards and logging
51 documentation.
53 The next meeting will be on Wednesday afternoon after the
54 meeting with Ian. Meeting room is booked 3pm to 5pm.