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Minutes from 15/01/2001.

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# Content
1 Minutes of meeting 15/01/2001 @ 2pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
5 Absent: None
7 The meeting started with a review of the clients. Everyone
8 was impressed with the status of them. Work is to continue
9 over the next week or so to complete them.
11 The issue of the server locking up was to be addressed.
12 However, in testing during the meeting it was decided that
13 it was a problem in the ClientInterface - an issue which is
14 still being resolved. Further investigation was put off
15 until this has been completed.
17 Data to be grabbed was discussed. This is becoming an
18 important issue as the clients are requiring more precise
19 details. It was decided the the "grabbing" part of the host
20 should be seperated, for now, from the main program. A Perl
21 program will be written which will parse output from various
22 system commands (which ports for different OS's) and output
23 it in ascii for use by the host application. This will also
24 aid porting of the host into C++, which is continuing. It is
25 hoped that this "grabbing" code will be moved to C++
26 eventually, but this is a good stop gap, and will also work
27 well if moving to C++ cannot be completed.
29 The group expressed concern on the progress of the host
30 application. With work moving fast on the client side a
31 solid and reliable host was required. The current host is
32 unpredictable and can crash unexpectedly. These issues are
33 being addressed. The group also requested that the server be
34 "completed" for a release soon, allowing it to be left
35 running on Killigrew[1] for host and client testing.
37 Another issued raised was the client to server protocol. A
38 protocol needs to be clearly defined to make server and
39 client development easier. AJ & Tim discussed this and will
40 produce a spec soon.
42 Tim raised the issue of Makefiles. The server benefits
43 greatly from some extended Makefiles, and the other
44 components could use some basic ones to allow quick & easier
45 building. This will be looked into.
47 Finally, it became apparent that the util package of the
48 server contains code required in the clients. It was agreed
49 that this package should be available seperately in a JAR
50 file for use in the clients. Tim agreed to do this,
51 arranging Makefiles and changing code to remove dependencies
52 with the rest of the server.
54 The next meeting will be on Monday afternoon at the usual
55 time. The meeting room is booked 2pm to 5pm.
57 [1] - Killigrew is a FreeBSD machine made available by Tim.
58 Continued use is not guaranteed, but it does provide
59 the group with a "shared" user for running the server.
60 This makes stopping/starting/controlling the server
61 possible by anyone in the group - something not
62 available to us on Raptor.