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Minutes from the 22 Jan 2001.

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1 Minutes of meeting 22/01/2001 @ 2pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
5 Absent: None
7 The meeting began, as usual, with a review of the current
8 status. AJ told the group about the rework of the swing
9 client, and the work he and Tim had done on the server to
10 client protocol. Tim reported that the client interface of
11 the server now conformed to this protocol, but that more
12 work would need to be done to meet the full requirements.
14 Tim also added that the bug found last week, of the server
15 crashing, had be semi-solved by the use of Queue's. However,
16 it was noted that the Queue's would still fill up and
17 therefore cause the same problems. The group made a decision
18 that when a Queue becomes full, data should be dropped. This
19 has led to the obvious need for monitoring the state of the
20 Queue's throughout the server, and this will provide
21 valuable statistical information.
23 Ash said the C++ host was nearing completion, and the group
24 clarified some of the issues with regard to sampling and
25 averaging of data. Paul added that the Perl script for
26 grabbing the system information was now in place, and ready
27 to be utilitised. Tim was quick to add that the Java host
28 already used and supported it.
30 The group made a decision, last week, to use a Perl script
31 as a stopgap/solution to the C++ problem of getting system
32 information. The overhead is negligable, and the code is
33 portable. It was considered acceptable for now, and in the
34 long run, could be perfectly usable in a working system.
36 Paul made a request for the database to be populated with
37 regard to demo'ing to Ian on Wednesday and data for
38 graphing. It was decided to run the server and hosts for a
39 period of around two days to provide a good supply of data.
40 Tim added that permission had been granted by John Cinnamond
41 to run the host on all the Rocks, providing that the load
42 was not detrimental to other users.
44 The group discussed what would be shown to Ian, and made
45 plans to have things done by then.
47 The next meeting will be on Wednesday afternoon after
48 meeting with Ian - presumably he will have some ideas :) The
49 meeting room is booked from 3pm to 5pm.