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Committed: Mon Feb 12 19:00:54 2001 UTC (23 years, 4 months ago) by tdb
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Initial checkin of minutes for 12/02/01. There may be some points that need
adding by other group members.

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1 Minutes of meeting 12/02/2001 @ 3pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
6 The meeting began with a review of the last two weeks, as
7 all members were not present at the last meeting. However, a
8 lot of these points were covered during the last minutes. AJ
9 told the group about the new "service checks" that were
10 implemented in the Filter system. These allowed checking of
11 typical system services (WWW, FTP, SMTP, etc), the results
12 being wrapped in XML in a heartbeat packet.
14 Tim had implemented the Queue monitoring system, and gave
15 the group brief details of the packet layout. Ash requested
16 some help with compiling a C++ socket library, which would
17 hopefully allow the network parts to be hooked into the
18 host. He also said development of the windows parts were
19 progressing, but that the network stuff was also needed
20 there.
22 Discussions were started about how the data from the service
23 checks would be displayed. Tim and Paul discussed if any
24 historical data could be generated, and Ash suggested a CGI
25 script. Tim pointed out that there wasn't even any basic
26 functionality in a local client yet, and this needed to be
27 done first. He suggested the local client just pump data out
28 to some text form (be it, csv, xml, html, etc) in the first
29 instance, and then expand this afterwards.
31 Over the next week, or so, the group agreed that things
32 should be pulled together. AJ said he would bring the
33 client, conient, to a complete point, and put some of the
34 "funky" features on hold. Paul said he would finish of the
35 database reports, and look at archiving/cleaning the
36 database. Tim said he would look at the overall design of
37 the local client, and implement it with a very modular
38 design. Ash said, with the socket library compiled, that he
39 would get the host working, and maybe look at CGI's for
40 displaying service checks.
42 AJ brought up the issue of configuration grouping. It was
43 shown before that it was needed, but it could be done
44 without. Now that service checks have been implemented it
45 was becoming even more apparent that it was required. AJ
46 said he would look into doing this.
48 The group realised that not only was time running short, but
49 everyone had a lot of other commitments too. The group
50 agreed that completion of coding over the next week or two
51 would be a good idea, as there are many other deliverables
52 to be completed.
54 There will be a meeting with Ian at 2.15 on Wednesday, and a
55 usual meeting on Monday at 2.15 (we have DEFINATELY booked
56 it this time).