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Minutes from the meeting on 19/2/2001.

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1 Minutes of meeting 19/02/2001 @ 2pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
6 The meeting today focussed on looking at the C++ host. The
7 had all been busy over the past week, and apart from Ash had
8 done very little.
10 The C++ host was looked at, and some problems fixed.
11 Unfortunately this highlighted some more bugs in the server
12 which will need to be fixed. At the end of the meeting the
13 C++ host was retrieving data and sending it to the server
14 fine, albeit with a few udp packet size problems.
16 This is good progress, as host stability is becoming more
17 key for developing the rest of the system. The group agreed
18 that the week ahead would produce more work, in the run up
19 to project week.
21 There is now one week until project week, and planning was
22 already being done. Meetings were arranged and booked for
23 the week, and the group already have ideas of the goals that
24 need to be reached during this time - namely the completion
25 of coding. Documentation was another area that needing a lot
26 of work, but the focus for now is to get the coding done.
28 The group needed to plan a time to demonstrate the meeting
29 to jc, after a discussion with iau in the last meeting. It
30 was clear that this would be beneficial, and should be done
31 sooner rather than later - but there were a few things that
32 needed to be finished first. It is hoped that this may
33 happen towards the end of the week, but would most likely
34 happen at the start of project week.
36 There is no meeting with Ian this week, as he is away. For
37 next week we have booked two meetings - Monday @ 2.15pm, and
38 Friday @ 2.15pm.