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1 Minutes of meeting 05/03/2001 @ 2pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
6 This meeting started with the long awaited demonstration to
7 John... except he brought a few colleagues along :) With our
8 captive audience, we demonstrated the past 20 odd week's
9 work, and fortunately got lots of positive feedback. This
10 certainly boosted the confidence of the group as it made all
11 the effort seem worthwhile. One comment worth nothing was: -
13 "I wasn't expecting it to be quite so useful!"
15 After the demonstration, the group proceeded to discuss
16 where to head next. Particular issues on the agenda were the
17 webpage front end, and the alerting mechanisms.
19 Both AJ and Tim had spent a couple of very late nights
20 writing the alerting mechanisms (the local clients) for the
21 server. They noted that the logic behind it all was a lot
22 more complex than had been anticipated, and that it really
23 was a major part of the system. This work had been mostly
24 done for some basic data (CPU levels) and just needed to be
25 expanded to cover the rest. This was to be done over the
26 following week.
28 Ash was pleased to report that the host was now working,
29 although there still existed a problem with packet size. All
30 the other issues with it crashing etc had been tidied up. He
31 again noted that he was keen to get some work done on the
32 webpage frontend.
34 Paul said he had completed most tasks, including the winhost
35 and the DBReports. He volunteered to do some work on the
36 webpage frontend.
38 The webpage frontend was something that needed doing. The
39 group agreeded it should be broken down into sections on
40 latest host data, latest alerts, and historical information
41 (db reports). These would all be tied together into one
42 easily navigatable interface, with a nice summary page. This
43 would tie closely with the alerting mechanisms discussed
44 above, so no plans for the actual implementation details
45 could be made at this stage.
47 Another issue that evolved from this was the host sampling
48 data and sending averages, and alerts. Ash said logic was in
49 place to start this, and he had it planned. AJ pointed out
50 that the initial design for the host was to be as
51 lightweight as possible, and this would just complicate it,
52 especially when the same work is carried out in the server.
53 The topic wasn't completely resolved, although the group
54 seemed to agree that it shouldn't be a priority with the
55 short time left.
57 The final issue was documentation. This would be looked at
58 over the week, and maybe another meeting arranged later on
59 to plan it.
61 There will be a meeting with Ian at 2.15pm on Wednesday, and
62 the usual meeting on Monday at 2.15pm. There may be an extra
63 meeting in the week to discuss documentation.