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1 Minutes of meeting 09/03/2001 @ 2pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
6 This was a consice meeting to discuss the way forward over
7 the next two weeks, specifically with regard to
8 documentation.
10 Initially, AJ stated that both he and Tim had put a freeze
11 on the Server and Client development, such that more time
12 could be spent on documentation. There were still a few
13 small issues that needed sorting, and of course bug fixes.
15 Tim discussed the problems with the server, although neither
16 he or anyone else really knew what was wrong with it. It was
17 clear a memory leak existed, but where and how remained a
18 mystery.
20 The main part of the meeting revolved around planning the
21 documentation strategy. A list was put together of all the
22 documents the group needed to produce. This list can be seen
23 here;
27 Each group member should tackle any documents they feel they
28 know best, and then the remaining documents will just been
29 done by anyone. A template document, in word format, had
30 been produced, and should be used for all documentation. A
31 specification for documentation can be seen here;
35 It should be pointed out that Word format was chosen for
36 because it allowed documents to be produced quickly. If time
37 permitted more effort might have been taken to make
38 documents more easily "transferable" to the web.
40 All documentation should be completed at the latest by the
41 Friday before the deadline. This leaves almost a week to
42 print and collate everything.
44 There will be a meeting on Monday at 2.15pm as usual, and
45 one on Wednesday with Ian at 2.15pm.