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Minutes from 12/03/2001.

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1 Minutes of meeting 12/03/2001 @ 2pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
6 Today's meeting again focussed on documentation. Paul reeled
7 off a list of documents he had completed, and that were now
8 available in cvs. These were mainly to do with the ihost and
9 xml data layout.
11 AJ had made a start on the Conient docs, although there was
12 still a way to go. Tim hadn't started on documentation,
13 mainly because he was still trying to sort the server bugs.
14 Ash was yet to start documenting due to assignments.
16 Documentation will be kept in cvs under
17 documentation/printable. Time has ensured that .doc files
18 will automatically be checked in as binary format.
20 It was again stressed that time was short, and that we
21 needed to get moving on the documenting. Paul pointed out
22 that the maintenance documentation took a lot longer for
23 ihost than he imagined, and thought this would be the case
24 elsewhere.
26 Aside from documentation, the webpages were discussed. Paul
27 had, over the week, put together a php page that clearly
28 laid out the data sent out by the server. This gives a
29 virtually realtime view of the data coming through the
30 system. This still needed tweaking, and linking with the
31 historical side however. The alerting webpages were still to
32 be done, although Tim pointed out that the server side was
33 "ready" but exact formatting needed to be discussed.
35 The group left the meeting to quiz Ian about memory leak
36 issues. He didn't, unfortuantely, have a "magic wand"
37 solution, but put forward a few suggestions. These will be
38 looked in to.
40 There will be a meeting with Ian at 2.15pm on Wednesday, and
41 the usual meeting on Monday at 2.15pm. There may be an extra
42 meeting in the week if required.