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Sat Feb 9 15:00:42 2002 UTC (17 years, 6 months ago) by tdb
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.27: +109 -74 lines
Some updates to the i-scream website. Particularly the entry page has had an
overhaul. It now has a News section and a Current Work section. This should
slightly help in making i-scream not look quite so dead. Once again, my web
design skills aren't great, so changes are welcome :-)

1 tdb 1.1
2     <!--
3 tdb 1.28 $Author$
4     $Id$
5 tdb 1.1 -->
7     <table border="0" width="500">
8     <tr>
9     <td>
10     <font size="2" face="arial,sans-serif">
12 tdb 1.28 <center><h3>Project News</h3></center>
14     <p align="justify">
15     <b>Thursday 7 Feb 2002</b><br><br>
16     The alerting section of the i-scream monitoring system now makes
17     full use of an externally developed IRC bot for it's IRC
18     connectivity. To find out more about this IRC bot, please visit
19     the authors website at <a href="http://www.jibble.org">
20     http://www.jibble.org</a>.
21     </p>
23     <p align="justify">
24     <b>Tuesday 8 Jan 2002</b><br><br>
25     Java ACL (Access Control List) code has been added to the util
26     package of the i-scream server. This code will ultimately allow
27     the server to be more secure when exposed to the Internet. More
28     details can be found <a href="http://www.cs.ukc.ac.uk/people/staff/tdb/#acl">
29     here</a> on the authors website.
30     </p>
32     <p align="justify">
33     <b>Tuesday 18 Dec 2001</b><br><br>
34     The i-scream ihost package has undergone significant changes to
35     make it more flexible and modular. It now incorporates plugins
36     which can be written in any language, and automatically XML
37     encodes data it is given (as opposed to the hardcoded approach
38     in the old version). It has also been made more robust, and
39     where possible optimised to reduce the load on the host system.
40     </p>
42     <p>&nbsp;</p>
43     <center><h3>About i-scream</h3></center>
45     <p align="justify">
46     <a href="screenshots/"><img border="0" src="screenshots/thumbnail-alerter-email.gif" width="100" height="107" align="left"></a>
47     Details of the i-scream central monitoring system can be found
48     on the <b><a href="features.shtml">features and overview</a></b> page.
49     A variety of <b><a href="screenshots">screen shots</a></b> from the
50     system show some of the key features in use. The <b><a href="reports">reports demo</a></b>
51     page provides a static example of what the i-scream reports (alerts,
52     historical graphs, and live data) could look like on a production system.
53     </p>
55 tdb 1.1 <p align="justify">
56 tdb 1.28 <a href="screenshots/"><img border="0" src="screenshots/thumbnail-conient-main.gif" width="100" height="107" align="right"></a>
57     The latest source code is available in the <b><a href="cvs.shtml">CVS</a></b>
58     repository, with binary downloads on the downloads page. The
59     <b><a href="documentation">documentation</a></b> page has details of
60     installation, use and maintenance for the end user and developer.
61     We value feedback and comments from you, so please drop us an e-mail
62     to <a href="mailto:dev@i-scream.org.uk">dev@i-scream.org.uk</a>.
63 pjm2 1.5 </p>
64 tdb 1.28
65     <p>&nbsp;</p>
66     <center><h3>Current Work</h3></center>
68 pjm2 1.5 <p align="justify">
69 tdb 1.28 <b>Historical/Realtime graphing package</b><br><br>
70     <a href="screenshots/"><img border="0" src="screenshots/thumbnail-reports-raptor-load15.gif" width="100" height="107" align="left"></a>
71     The current system for graphing i-scream data from the i-scream
72     system is good, but proving to be unscalable and very resource
73     hungry. This is mostly due to the MySQL database backend,
74     and the vast quantity of data recorded. The new system
75     in development makes use of <a href="http://rrdtool.eu.org/">
76     RRDtool</a> to generate the graphs in realtime. This reduces
77     the peak loads of the system, and allows generation of more
78     flexible graphs. This work is nearing completetion.
79 pjm2 1.11 </p>
80 tdb 1.28
81 pjm2 1.7 <p align="justify">
82 tdb 1.28 <b>Server security</b><br><br>
83     Security was something mostly overlooked in the original stage
84     of this project (due to the academic nature of the work). However,
85     once in production use this has become an issue, and is being
86     addressed. Initially the plan is to lock down the external points
87     of access (TCP & UDP) in the server to specific hosts. In the
88     longer term, encryption of data would be nice, but would take a
89     lot more time and work.
90 tdb 1.1 </p>
91 tdb 1.9
92     <p align="justify">
93 tdb 1.28 <b>Testing and Development</b><br><br>
94     <a href="screenshots/"><img border="0" src="screenshots/thumbnail-winhost-main.gif" width="100" height="62" align="right"></a>
95     The i-scream system is being tested and developed within the
96     Univeristy of Kent Computer Science department by the Systems
97     Group. This has led to many bug fixes and minor feature
98     enhancements, and will hopefully help to aid the long term
99     development of the system.
100 tdb 1.9 </p>
101 tdb 1.28
102 tdb 1.1 <p>&nbsp;</p>
103 tdb 1.28 <center><h3>Project History</h3></center>
104 tdb 1.1
105     <p align="justify">
106 pjm2 1.15 <a href="screenshots/"><img border="0" src="screenshots/thumbnail-reports-raptor-latest-misc.gif" width="100" height="104" align="left"></a>
107 pjm2 1.14 The i-scream Distributed Central Monitoring System started off as
108 tdb 1.28 a final year project for a group of <a href="http://www.cs.ukc.ac.uk">
109     Computer Science</a> students at the <a href="http://www.ukc.ac.uk">
110     University of Kent at Canterbury</a>, UK. The project was completed at
111     4pm on 29 March 2001. It consisted of five lever-arch folders containing
112     mostly source code and documentation. The CVS repository was tagged to
113     signify this even, however, the project is still being developed by the
114     <a href="acknowledgements.shtml">core development team</a>.
115 tdb 1.6 </p>
117     <p align="justify">
118 pjm2 1.15 <a href="screenshots/"><img border="0" src="screenshots/thumbnail-ihost-main.gif" width="100" height="51" align="right"></a>
119 tdb 1.18 As can be seen in our &quot;<a href="/probdomain.shtml">problem domain</a>&quot; document, the project
120 tdb 1.6 was aimed at the UKC Computer Science department, and as such
121 pjm2 1.22 we believed that a demonstration to the &quot;customer&quot; was important. The
122 pjm2 1.12 feedback from our demonstation was more positive than we had
123 tdb 1.27 anticipated. We believe that the system may now be of interest
124     to anybody who wishes to monitor a number of machines on their
125     network using a central configuration. The i-scream central
126     monitoring system is now being used by the UKC Computer Science
127     department, and their feedback is being used to further improve
128     the product.
129 tdb 1.1 </p>
131     <p align="justify">
132 pjm2 1.15 <a href="screenshots/"><img border="0" src="screenshots/thumbnail-conient-config.gif" width="100" height="48" align="left"></a>
133 pjm2 1.14 The name <i>i-scream</i> arose from a meeting whereupon one member
134     of the <a href="acknowledgements.shtml">development team</a> felt a strange urge to draw an ice cream on the discussion board.
135 tdb 1.1 It later became apparent that we had no name for our project (other
136     than 'The Project'). It seemed only natural to name our project after
137     the ice cream that had been oh-so-randomly drawn on the white board.
138     Copyright issues immediately ruled out anything involving Mr Whippy,
139 pjm2 1.14 so we had to settle for <i>i-scream</i>. And thus, we were left with a cunning
140 tdb 1.1 play on words - it still sounded like <i>ice cream</i>, yet also
141 tdb 1.26 served as a functional description of our system - namely, one which
142 tdb 1.1 screams at somebody if something has gone wrong...
143     </p>
144     <p align="justify">
145 tdb 1.23
146 tdb 1.24 <p>&nbsp;</p>
147 tdb 1.28 <center><h3>Searching i-scream</h3></center>
148 tdb 1.24
149 tdb 1.23 <!-- Search Google -->
150     <center>
151 tdb 1.28 <FORM method=GET action=http://www.google.com/custom>
152     <TABLE bgcolor=#FFFFFF cellspacing=0 border=0>
153     <tr>
154     <td valign="middle">
155     <A HREF=http://www.google.com/search>
156     <IMG SRC=http://www.google.com/logos/Logo_40wht.gif border=0 ALT=Google align=middle width="128" height="53"></A>
157     </td>
158     <td valign="middle">
159     <input type=hidden name=domains value="i-scream.org.uk">
160     <input type=hidden name=sitesearch value="i-scream.org.uk">
161     <INPUT TYPE=text name=q size=35 maxlength=255 value="">
162     <INPUT type=submit name=sa VALUE="Search">
163     <INPUT type=hidden name=cof VALUE="T:#000066;LW:502;ALC:#3333cc;L:http://www.i-scream.org.uk/i-scream.gif;LC:#0000ff;LH:37;BGC:#ffffff;AH:left;VLC:#3333cc;AWFID:d646a9fd69e7d9cb;">
164     </td>
165     </tr>
166     </TABLE>
167     </FORM>
168 tdb 1.23 </center>
169     <!-- Search Google -->
171 tdb 1.1 </p>
172     </font>
173     </td>
174     </tr>
175     </table>

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