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Tue Jan 16 08:31:58 2001 UTC (18 years, 7 months ago) by pjm2
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.4: +12 -1 lines
Thought it was about time our current status was updated to reflect the
current goings-on.

1 tdb 1.1
2     <!--
3     contents.inc
4     Created by pjm2 14/10/2000
5 pjm2 1.5 Last edited 16/01/2001
6 tdb 1.1 -->
8     <table border="0" width="500">
9     <tr>
10     <td>
11     <font size="2" face="arial,sans-serif">
13     <center><h3>Current Status</h3></center>
15     <p align="justify">
16 ajm 1.4 Several central components are now functioning to initial
17     design parameters and data can now be passed through the
18     system successfully. Many planning and design decisions
19     are still being made, along with various specification
20     documents. Detailed information can usually be found in
21     the meeting minutes. Code is viewable via CVS to UKC
22     users only.
23 pjm2 1.5 </p>
25     <p align="justify">
26     Our current host development allows us to pass machine statistics
27     to our distributed filter arrangement, which then processes the
28     data and stores it for later use. An example of such use is the
29     historical report generator which produces graphs of machine
30     usage over periods of time (viewable in a web browser). Realtime
31     clients are also currently being developed - one Java Swing GUI
32     version and also a command line version that can run in a terminal
33     window.
34 tdb 1.1 </p>
36     <p>&nbsp;</p>
37     <center><h3>Presentations</h3></center>
39     <p align="justify">
40 ajm 1.2 On Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th October all members of the group made presentations to various groups of peers.
41 tdb 1.1 </p>
42     <p align="justify">
43     For those who are interested you can view an online version
44     of our presentation <a href="documentation/presentation/i-scream-web.htm">here</a>.
45     <br>
46     Alternatively you can download a powerpoint version from
47     <a href="documentation/presentation/i-scream-web.ppt"> here</a>.
48     </p>
50     <p>&nbsp;</p>
51     <center><h3>Naming History</h3></center>
53     <p align="justify">
54     The name <b>i-scream</b> arose from a meeting whereupon one member
55     of our group randomly chose to draw an ice cream on the white board.
56     It later became apparent that we had no name for our project (other
57     than 'The Project'). It seemed only natural to name our project after
58     the ice cream that had been oh-so-randomly drawn on the white board.
59     Copyright issues immediately ruled out anything involving Mr Whippy,
60     so we had to settle for <b>i-scream</b>. And thus, we were left with a cunning
61     play on words - it still sounded like <i>ice cream</i>, yet also
62     served as a functional decription of our system - namely, one which
63     screams at somebody if something has gone wrong...
64     </p>
65     <p align="justify">
67     </p>
68     </font>
69     </td>
70     </tr>
71     </table>

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