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# Line 75  normal.</p> Line 75  normal.</p>
76  <h3>Other means of accessing CVS</h3>  <h3>Other means of accessing CVS</h3>
78  <p>At this stage there are no other means of CVS  <p>We currently provide <a href="http://www.polstra.com/projects/freeware/CVSup/"> CVSup</a> access to the repository, either for mirroring or
79  access, although CVSup support will hopefully be provided in the future.</p>  for maintaining an up-to-date local copy. You will probably want to create a
80    supfile that looks something like this;</p>
81    </font>
83    <pre>*default host=cvsup.i-scream.org.uk
84    *default base=/home/user/sup
85    *default prefix=/home/user/i-scream
86    *default release=cvs
87    *default delete use-rel-suffix
88    i-scream.source tag=.</pre>
90    <font face="Arial" size="2">
91    <p>The last item in that list is the collection you which to get. The collection
92    &quot;i-scream&quot; is simply the whole repository, and is best used with no
93    tag specified for mirroring. It is most likely that you will want to do that
94    given above, which gets the latest copy of the i-scream source code.</p>
95  </font>  </font>
97  <!--#include virtual="bottom.inc" -->  <!--#include virtual="bottom.inc" -->

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