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31              support@i-scream.org              support@i-scream.org
32            </h3>            </h3>
33            <p>            <p>
34              If you need some assistance with an i-scream program you              If you have any other query, please email this address. We
35              should email this address. One of the developers will be              prefer to use this mechanism over emailing us directly
36              able to help attempt to sort out you problem. Please make              because it means we can't lose your email in the rafts of
37              sure you read the documentation <em>before</em> sending us              spam we unfortunately receive.
             an email.  
38            </p>            </p>
39            <p>            <p>
40              Once your email has been received you will get an              Once your email has been received you will get an

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