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1  <!--#include virtual="/doctype.inc" -->  <!--#include virtual="/doctype.inc" -->
2    <head>    <head>
3      <title>      <title>
4        i-scream support        Reporting bugs
5      </title>      </title>
6  <!--#include virtual="/style.inc" -->  <!--#include virtual="/style.inc" -->
7    </head>    </head>
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11  <!--#include virtual="/header.inc" -->  <!--#include virtual="/header.inc" -->
12          <div id="contents">          <div id="contents">
13            <h1 class="top">            <h1 class="top">
14              i-scream Support              Reporting bugs
15            </h1>            </h1>
16            <p>            <p>
17              i-scream uses <a href="http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/">RT</a>              i-scream makes uses of the GitHub issue trackers
18              to track support requests. We've set up two addresses              associated with our projects over on
19              to help seperate the two main types of requests.              <a href="http://github.com/i-scream">GitHub</a>. If you've
20                found a bug with our software that's the best place to
21                report and discuss it. If you have a fix, you can make a
22                pull request there too.
23            </p>            </p>
24            <p>            <p>
25              If you have found a bug or problem with an i-scream program              If you want some help using one of the projects or which
26              send an email to this address. Your message will be logged              to discuss any other issues the best place to go to is the
27              and one of the developers will get back to you with more              users mailing list. You can find out more about our mailing
28              information. Hopefully we'll be able to fix the bug.              lists <a href="mailinglists.xhtml">here</a>.
29            </p>            </p>
30            <p>            <p>
31              If you have any other query, please email this address. We              If there issue needs to remain private, for example a
32              prefer to use this mechanism over emailing us directly              security issue, please contact Tim directly. His details
33              because it means we can't lose your email in the rafts of              are on the <a href="who.xhtml">Who We Are</a> page. This
34              spam we unfortunately receive.              should only be used in exceptional circumstances - we
35            </p>              prefer all discussion to happen on public mailing lists or
36            <p>              bug trackers where possible.
             Once your email has been received you will get an  
             acknowledgement by email and details of how to view your  
             tickets over the web.  
37            </p>            </p>
38          </div>          </div>
39  <!--#include virtual="/footer.inc" -->  <!--#include virtual="/footer.inc" -->

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