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Minutes from 19/03/2001.

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1 Minutes of meeting 19/03/2001 @ 2pm
2 Location: UKC Computer Science Meeting Room
4 Present: ab11, ajm4, pjm2, tdb1
6 The first part of the meeting was a usual "catch up"
7 session. Each of the group members reported back on what
8 they'd been doing, and where things stood.
10 AJ was proud to announce that Conient was now complete, or
11 at least as complete as it was going to be for the project.
12 There were of course many more features that could have been
13 added, but time was restrictive. This has been the case with
14 most things. The GUI had been reworking to provide a sorted
15 list of hosts, which was much easier to navigate. A few bugs
16 had been ironed out with the layout, and a general tidy up
17 had been done.
19 Paul said the web reports were well in progress, maybe even
20 finished. The pages for the "latest data" and "alerts" had
21 been done, and linked together with the historical side of
22 things. A summary alerts page had also been generated.
23 The other group members were impressed by the webpages
24 generally, but felt that a few more smaller things were
25 required. Firstly a "one screen" summary of selected hosts,
26 maybe for display on a "public monitor" near reception
27 desks. Concern was also raised that the whole lot should be
28 even more tightly integrated... so it appeared as one
29 system, rather than a collection of three subpages.
31 Paul also added at this stage that winhost had been
32 finished. It now reported uptime correctly, and the icon had
33 been made blue (instead of pink). The few minor bugs that
34 existed had been ironed out, and an installer had been made.
35 AJ reported that it now worked on his system, and didn't
36 give an OCX error as before.
38 Tim was pleased to inform the group that the server seemed
39 to be fixed. He and AJ had spent a long night in the
40 computer room debugging and fixing parts of the server. In
41 the end it seems it was a deadlock (or livelock?) issue in
42 the Queue. The system had been running for nearly 48 hours
43 without any hassle and was looking good.
44 Tim also added that the server was essentially complete,
45 except for the LocalClient which still needed a few minor
46 points ironing out with alerting.
48 It was also noted that statgrab and ihost were as good as
49 finished, although a few minor issues still needed solving.
50 These would be solved ASAP.
52 Ash informed the group that he had finally solved the 1024kb
53 UDP packet size problem on the C++ host. It required
54 changing the socket library, which was not satisifactory,
55 but it at least worked. He also added that documentation on
56 both the C++ host and the Java host had begun.
58 The group noted the urgency to complete documentation. With
59 little over a week to go, and a lot to write, things were
60 getting very close. As coding had virtually completed now,
61 documentation could be done throughout the week. As luck
62 would have it, everyone had a databases assignment due in
63 midweek, which may take up valuable time.
65 There will be a meeting with Ian at 12pm on Thursday, and
66 the usual meeting on Monday at 2.15pm.